About us

Our mission

We support the children's home and the projects in favour of neglected children in the Buzau region through financial means. Every donation helps to maintain the children's home and to provide for the children's basic needs, their schooling and vocational training as well as their integration into society.

Our vision

No child should grow up neglected due to a dysfunctional socio-economic system in Romania. Therefore, we advocate for every child who needs a secure home, who can go to school and where all young people have the chance of vocational training so that they can lead an independent and dignified life.

Our goal

We remain the main partner of local charity AMURTEL Romania, which is responsible for the management of the children's home, and are expanding our fundraising efforts to continue providing neglected children in the Buzau region with a safe and secure childhood, adolescence & entry into working life.

The Executive Board

Helga Bruderer - Philanthropy & Nonprofit Management

Milan Goeman - Finance

Eveline Hoepperger - Donation management & donor communication

Fabien Mingard - Project & Process Management

Ursula Schriber - Assessor

Transparency & Responsibility

We are committed to using the funds entrusted to us sparingly. In doing so, we take into account the will of the donor and fulfil our duty to inform our donors.

We are guided by the Good Governance Guidelines of the Swiss Foundation Code.

Our communication is committed to truth and respects the dignity of those in need. We report honestly and comprehensively about our projects.

Agenda 2030

The UN Sustainable Development Goals

The Cornelia Fischer Relief Fund is guided by the 17 UN Sustainable Development Goals. These 17 goals form a global plan to promote sustainable peace, prosperity and protection of our planet Earth.


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Cornelia Fischer Relief Fund

Opportunities for neglected children and young people in the Buzau region, Romania

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