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Since 1998, we have been working for children and young people from families in the Romanian region of Buzau who are affected by poverty, social discrimination, alcoholism, sexual abuse and domestic violence. 

Many parents cannot care for their children and therefore neglect them.  Psychological trauma, lack of bonding ability and low self-confidence are consequences that the children suffer from in particular and which make their adult life more difficult. 

You can break this negative spiral with your donation by financing a protected living space for the children in the family-run children's home Panatau with the aim that they experience bonding quality through trained and consistent care staff.

This creates the conditions for them to develop into a strong and stable personality. This is the basis for an independent life in self-responsibility.

WE & OUR partner organisation

Helping to give opportunities

AMURTEL Romania is an aid organisation that provides disaster and long-term relief to women and children.

In 1991, Amurtel bought a property and handed over the establishment of the children's home to Cornelia Fischer, who ran the home for more than 20 years.

The home was given the name Amurtel Family. The operational management is in the hands of AMURTEL Romania

Cornelia Fischer Relief Fund

Facts and information

Friends of Cornelia Fischer, Gertrud Emch and Rosmarie Huggenberger founded the Friends of the Panatau Children's Home in 1998 with the purpose of providing funds for the upkeep of the children's home.

How did it come about? Gertrud Emch became aware of Cornelia Fischer, who emigrated to Romania to found a children's home, through a newspaper article. Gertrud travelled to Romania herself and then went to Switzerland to find sponsors for the children. A little later Rosmarie Huggenberger met Cornelia Fischer at a lecture in Erlenbach, she was enthusiastic about Cornelia's commitment and joined forces with Gertrud Emch. More and more donors joined in. 

Thanks to many years of donor loyalty, the home has been able to expand and since 2018 has offered solutions for impaired people and young people for the transition to working life, complementing the children's home. Since 2021, the support association has been called the Cornelia Fischer Hilfsfonds. 

  • Maintaining the existence of the children's home
  • Expansion of the care offer to include living & working places for impaired children and adults
  • Expansion of the care offer to include residential places for vocational integration
  • Job offer for residents from the Buzau region
  • 3 generations of children financially secure

Cornelia Fischer Relief Fund

Opportunities for neglected children and young people in the Buzau region, Romania

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